Training Venue

ILPH Penny Farm
Preston New Road

We are extremely grateful to the ILPH and all the staff at Penny Farm, especially farm , for allowing us to use their fantastic facilities for both training and hosting tournaments.

We train in the indoor school at Penny Farm on Wednesday evenings.

Training Times
18.10 – 18.20 Equipment setup
18.20 - 18.40  Rockets training
18.40 – 19.00 Beginners  training
19.00  -19.20  Starters training
19.20 – 19..40 Team training
19.40 – 20..00 Equipment clear down

picture below shows the setup at a beginners training session, notice the lanes are netted in to encourage the dogs over the jumps.

Image: a starters training session at Penny Farm

At the moment we are full for beginners but you can be put on waiting list  by emailing

If you are interested in attending one of our training sessions you can call Len on 01253 762116 or e-mail him on the link below...

Send an e-mail

Please note that dogs cannot begin training until they reach 12 months old.

Dogs that are aggressive towards people or other dogs will not be considered.

For any more information please read our club rules...

Click here to read the Club Rules

Pre-training Tips

If you are interested in starting flyball with your dog here are a few pointers to get you started before you attend any training sessions...

1) Firstly your dog will need a good recall, they can get very excited and distracted when there are a lot of other dogs about but you need to be able to get your dog to come to you when called.

Where possible try and avoid using food as a reward and use a favourite toy instead.

2) Get your dog really focused on a tennis ball (I know that seems obvious!!)...you can create lots of fun games at home!! Balls on ropes, bouncy rubber balls and hollow balls stuffed with food/treats are all good incentives.

3) If your dog already likes to chase balls that's great but you need to be able to get him to retrieve a stationary ball (rather than having to throw one)...one of the best ways to train this is to hold the dogs collar and throw the ball...hopefully the dog is pulling to go and get it; wait 'til the ball has landed and then let the dog go, while he's waiting to go start giving a 'signal' that tells him what you want him to do e.g. keep repeating 'where's your ball?' or most commonly used in flyball 'ready, ready, ready.....GO!!!'

Gradually increase the time delay between the ball landing and letting the dog go...the whole time 'winding him up' with a 'ready, ready, ready' until eventually you can place a ball on the ground and send your dog to retrieve it. You can start doing this with any age of puppy...starting with shorter distances and gradually building it up.

Once you have this ball retrieve mastered with a 'ready, ready' signal and a good recall you will find embarking on flyball training a doddle!



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