Meet the teams

For the 20020 season we will be running 2 Open  teams…

…and 1 or 2 starter teams

2020 Open Sanctioned Teams

These teams race in open sanctioned tournament, all dogs must be over 18 months of age and capable of hurdling their full height jumps without running out of the racing lane.

All our dogs are timed and teams are selected on that basis i.e. the 4 fastest are in the Rebels, next 4 in Rockets etc although experience, reliability and consistency also play a part in team selection. Teams may be ‘re-shuffled’ throughout the season depending on availability and performance.

The youngsters/beginners will usually progress out of starters into the lower teams before moving up into the faster teams (if they’re fast enough!)


2020 Starters Teams


Multibreed Team



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